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20211 Season

RomanceSoap Opera / Melodrama

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In this enduring love story mix against the backdrop of Seoul in 1987, Yeong-ro, a female university student, treats a bloodied Soo-ho, a student from a prestigious university, who finds respite in her dormitory.

In 1987, bloodied man Soo-ho jumps into a women's university dormitory in Seoul. Yeong-ro, a female student who fell in love with him at a group blind date, tends to tát his wounds as the dormitory is ensnared in intense surveillance. As Soo-ho's secrets unravel, he must eventually face the conflict between his heart to tát Yeong-ro and responsibility to tát his comrades, as well as to tát his sibling who awaits him in his trang chính country. What will be of their fate?

Duration:1h 32m

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Release Date:2021

Genre:RomanceSoap Opera / Melodrama

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Starring:Jung Hae-inJisooYoo In-naJang Seung-joYoon Se-aKim Hye-yoon

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