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Story 8.0

Acting/Cast 10

Music 8.5

Rewatch Value 10

I am ví sad that this drama is over. Legitimately sad. That's an amazing feat considering how much I thought the first two episodes sucked! I've also managed to tướng give this drama a 10, which may seem illogical based on some of my critiques (and I have many), but I really could not give it even a half point lower... that's how much I loved Lucky Romance. I guess that's fitting since this drama puts feelings over logic as a theme. I feel lượt thích Shim Bo Nui, I know it doesn't make sense, but I don't care : p

You should be warned that this is a full on RomCom, ví if you're not interested in romance this is definitely the wrong drama for you. If you are a romance người hâm mộ, even a slight romance người hâm mộ, then this is a must see! Not because of the story, which follows the standard kdrama romance formula, but what sets this romance apart is the chemistry between the two leads, and that is 100% due to tướng the breakout lead performance of Ryu Joon Yeol as Je Su Ho. He is perfectly cast, and PERFECT is not an exaggeration. I think the first two episodes are boring because they focus on introducing the plot, and on Shim Bo Nui being weird, but as soon as we get to tướng see more of Su Ho the show became instantly addictive.

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Hwang Jung Eum has lucked out with many great pairings, but this one is my new favorite. She relies on her usual perky personality, which can be annoying, but it really fit the quirkiness of this character well. I also liked that even though the character was kooky, and irrational, she was also smart, and not just a doormat. Bo Nui is desperate, and self destructive, without losing her charm, which makes her extremely complicated. They both nailed the balance between silly humor and more emotional scenes. They also looked good together, even with her HORRIBLE outfits (I still don't understand the hospital gown couture). My only complaint about the pairing is their kissing scenes... UGH! Joon Yeol gives everything to tướng those moments, including his beautiful lips, and she just presses her lips to tướng his with no effort. It pisses mạ off too much not to tướng mention it.

The rest of the cast is also amazing. Gary Choi is a great 2nd lead character. I lượt thích his dynamic with the leads, and that he's not a villain-type. I've never seen Lee Soo Hyuk in a drama before, ví I wasn't initially impressed, but he grew on mạ quickly. Amy's character was not as likable, but I still think Lee Chung Ah did a great job. The office team is full of great smaller characters, with their own xinh đẹp little stories (I loved the office bet moments), but the supporting character MVPs are BFFs Dal Nim and Ryang Ha. They really were hilariously xinh đẹp together, as well as perfect tư vấn for the leads. Some of my favorite moments in the show are their banter. They are the perfect comedy relief when the rest of the story gets less humorous too. I really don't think there are any weak acting links in the cast, and it's the cast that drives this show. I am annoyed by the lack of development for Jung In Ki's role, but that has nothing to tướng bởi with his acting, which I think was spot on, that's the writer's fault.

That leads mạ to tướng this dramas biggest weakness, and that's the story. Not only is the premise ridiculous, but how it's handled left many questions unanswered. I think that's part of the charm of the story, not having everything defined as 0's and 1's (a major reoccurring theme), but it is also frustrating. Then there are other storylines that are introduced... a missing father... the chicken guy... disgruntled ex employees... but those stories just aren't ever as interesting as the main love story. Even the game development story is only slightly intriguing, and just another brilliant means for them to tướng interact. So I thought the story was pretty average, but I was still a người hâm mộ of the writing. What I thought the writer did well were actually what the characters said, or how they interacted with each other. Ju Ho has some brilliant moments, and unless he was totally created through improv, the writer deserves credit for making one of my favorite drama characters EVER.

The music got better. I wasn't initially a người hâm mộ, but I started liking some of the later songs more. What I really love is how they incorporated the tuy nhiên "Sad Fate" into the story. I thought that was very well done.

Now for the real reason behind mạ giving this drama a 10, and thats the rewatch value. Of course I gave this a 10 for rewatch value, because I am already rewatching, and I'm already up to tướng episode 7 o.O!!! I've never done that with a drama ever!

So overall, this drama may not be perfect, but Ryu Joon Yeol was perfect, and that earns this drama a 10 score from mạ. I can't believe he's only been in two dramas!!! Obviously I now have to tướng watch Reply 1988! I know that the next drama he's in will probably have mạ doing a countdown 'till the first episode.

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If you're reluctant to tướng watch, just please remember not to tướng judge this drama by it's first couple of episodes. Once this show gets on a roll it is continuously charming until the very kết thúc. There are also some great themes about love, life, and "fate" in it that I appreciate. Oh, and I truly appreciate my new ideal kdrama namja chingu... RJY. I have a feeling I'm not alone in feeling that way!

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