thợ săn ma túy


: Kenny, tony, Ding Hai Feng, Chun Yu Shan Shan, cristina, 郑星星, Lou Xue Xian, Peng Bo, Zhu Xin Hui, Ma Xiao, Wang Ya Bin, Shao hung Ho, Zhu Rui Xue, Cui Ke


: In an anti-drug operation in a certain đô thị, the captain of the anti-drug brigade, Yu Fan, and his teammates seized a batch of high-purity drugs from the Golden Triangle. However, both sides of the transaction were extremely cunning and had strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities, leaving not a single valuable clue. After a series of meticulous investigations and judgments, Yufan and others started with Li Yong, the leader of the drug dealer in charge of distribution, and after paying the price of lost lives, they finally outlined a complete drug trafficking network, and successfully locked onto and hid within the network. The local mysterious drug lord Fu Qiming. Yufan and others were divided into several arrest groups, and they were going vĩ đại ambush them when Fu Qiming made the next transaction. In the kết thúc, the drug gang was wiped out.

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