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Angel's Revenge

Promotional poster for Angel's Revenge

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Also known as
  • Women by Nature
  • Heavenly Woman
  • Innate Woman
  • Sky Angel
  • Heaven Girl
  • Melodrama
  • Romance
  • Family
Developed byKBS Drama Production (KBS 드라마 제작국)
Written by
  • Ahn So-min
  • Lee Hye-sun
Directed byEo Soo-seon
Creative directors
  • Lee Joo-hyung
  • Hong Kyung-deuk
  • Yoon So-yi
  • Park Jung-chul
  • Moon Bo-ryung
  • Kwon Yul
ComposerLee Chang-hee (이창희)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes103
Executive producerLee Jae-young
ProducerKim Shin-il
Running time40 min
Production companies
  • Free Will Company
  • SSD
Original release
ReleaseJanuary 1 –
July 23, 2014

Angel's Revenge (Korean: 천상여자; RR: Cheonsang Yeoja; lit. A Girl by Nature) is a năm trước South Korean daily drama starring Yoon So-yi, Park Jung-chul, Moon Bo-ryung and Kwon Yul. It aired on KBS2 from January 6 to lớn June 2, năm trước for 103 episodes.

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Lee Seon-yoo is training to lớn become a nun. Right before she finally gets her wish, she learns that her beloved older sister Jin-yoo has died. Jin-yoo was betrayed and killed by her lover, Jang Tae-jung. Tae-jung, a smart, good-looking man from a humble background, had committed himself to lớn luring and marrying a tycoon's daughter "against all odds," as part of an effort to lớn get him into the upper class of society.[1]

Seon-yoo then meets Seo Ji-seok, an immature man from a rich family whose sister Ji-hee is married to lớn Tae-jung. Ji-seok is at risk of losing the inherited family business to lớn Tae-jung and Ji-hee, since Ji-seok's mother is the family patriarch's second wife.

To take revenge on the man responsible for her sister's death, Seon-yoo gives up her dream of becoming a nun. She marries Ji-seok, and becomes Tae-jung's sister-in-law. Thus, Seon-yoo begins leading a double life: she pretends to lớn be the ideal wife and daughter-in-law in front of the Seo family, and only takes off her mask in front of Tae-jung, proving she can be just as ruthless and vicious as Tae-jung. Seon-yoo wears her angel wings while hiding the dagger of revenge.[2][3][unreliable source?]



  • Yoon So-yi as Lee Seon-yoo
  • Park Jung-chul as Jang Tae-jung
  • Kwon Yul as Seo Ji-seok
  • Moon Bo-ryung as Seo Ji-hee


  • Lee Se-eun as Lee Jin-yoo
  • Lee Dal-hyung as Heo Poong-ho
  • Choi Wan-jung as Bong Hwang
  • Lee Hye-eun as Bong Chang
  • Choi Chung-woo as Hwang Jung-in
  • Kim Min-soo as Heo Ki-jin
  • Lee Eung-kyung as Na Dal-nyeo
  • Jang In-sub as In-seob
  • Jung Yi-yeon as Jang Tae-mi
  • Jung Young-sook as Gong Jung-soon
  • Kim Chung as Woo Ah-ran
  • Choi Jae-won as Seo Woo-hyun
  • Choi Dong-yub as Section Chief Kim
  • Go Bo-gyeol as Jung-in
  • Kim Hae-rim as Ahn-na
  • Goo Jae-yee as Park Chae-rin
  • Yoon Seo-jin as Jung Hee-joo


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