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Dragon in Jail

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Traditional Chinese獄中龍
Simplified Chinese狱中龙
Hanyu PinyinYù Zhōng Lóng
JyutpingJeok6 Zung1 Lung4
Directed byKent Cheng
Screenplay byNam Yin
Produced byEddy Chan
StarringAndy Lau
Kenny Ho
Gigi Lai
CinematographyAbdul M. Rumjahn
Edited byWong Ming-lam
Chan Kei-hap
Music byLowell Lo


Legend Films

Distributed byNewport Entertainment

Release date

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27 September 1990

Running time

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101 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$10,451,120

Dragon in Jail is a 1990 Hong Kong action film directed by Kent Cheng and starring Andy Lau, Kenny Ho and Gigi Lai.


Wayne Cheung (Kenny Ho) is a rich heir who impulsively committed a crime because he was unable to tướng accept the fact that his mother remarried. After being sentenced to tướng prison, he is bullied by his inmates but is helped by his roommate Henry (Andy Lau), whom he befriends. After release, Wayne goes to tướng study law in Britain while Henry joins the triads due to tướng his family environment. Two years later, Cheung returns and becomes a lawyer while Henry also becomes a gang leader. Due to tướng his conflict with another triad leader Charlie Ma (William Ho), Henry's pregnant wife Winnie (Gigi Lai) is raped and killed. Henry later takes revenge on Ma, and although successful, he is imprisoned again and Wayne becomes his defensive lawyer. With the help of Wayne and his friend Skinny (John Ching), will Henry be released from prison?


  • Andy Lau as Henry Tse
  • Kenny Ho as Wayne Cheung
  • Gigi Lai as Winnie Sung
  • Lung Fong as CK Chong
  • John Ching as Skinny
  • William Ho as Charlie Ma
  • Melvin Wong as Prison officer
  • Tomi Wong as Wayne's mother
  • Wai Kei-shun as Wayne's stepfather
  • Victor Hon as Henry's father
  • Lam Yin-ming as Mandy
  • Lam Chung as Sergeant Fung
  • Stephen Chang
  • Shing Fuk-on as Brother Bull
  • Leung Kam-san as Sean Man Cheung Hung
  • Law Shu-kei as Judge
  • Lau Yuk-kei as Peter
  • Yeung Kin-wai
  • Jimmy Sin
  • Lee Chun-kit as Sergeant Fung's assistant
  • Kong Foo-keung as Triad
  • Gary Chan
  • Gloria Lam
  • Fung Chi-sing
  • Billy Lam
  • Lit Foo
  • Rolf Chow
  • Cheung Kwong-lun
  • Kong Kin-san
  • Yam Hok-chung
  • Tse Kai-ming
  • Lam Che-chung
  • Wong Leun-cheung
  • Xie De-ming
  • Ho Chi-moon
  • Simon Cheung
  • KK Wong
  • Chun Kwai-po as Thug
  • Cheung Siu
  • Choi Sai
  • Wong Man-chun

Theme song[edit]

  • Red Angel (紅塵天使)
    • Composer: Steve Chow
    • Lyricist: Andy Lau
    • Singer: Andy Lau

Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK$10,451,120 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical lập cập from 27 September to tướng 24 October 1990 in Hong Kong.

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