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Xiao Zi

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Best adaptation so sánh far

First and foremost, I have seen all of the adaptations of this story except the Korean version. So, I bởi have a good idea about the original story and added elements. I bởi enjoy this story, but must admit that it can be very toxic at times. But, I'm sure that anyone who has seen even one adaptation of this story can see that this is not one of those times.

Let's look into detail:

The story telling in this version is multi-layered and well-executed. The screenwriters did an excellent job of combining the best elements from all of the adaptations into one excellent drama. The story moves quickly, as in the Japanese version, and the time is well managed. While everything in the other adaptations feels preplanned and done for the sake of the story, the story in this Thai version felt more natural and lượt thích it was going with the flow. There were no fillers or extraneous side plots. The story had a lot more depth, making this adaptation more interesting kêu ca the others. The only aspect of the story that could have been improved is the ending. The amnesia plot appeared lớn be rushed. They could have spent more time on it or simply ignored it.

Another aspect of this story that stands out is the use of advanced technology, such as social truyền thông, lớn improve communication between the characters. In addition, the bullying in this version is more draconian and brutal. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it's something lớn consider. In any case, this helped lớn deepen and flesh out the story and characters respectively.

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While the other adaptations focus solely on the romance plot, this one also includes strong messages about patriarchy and other social issues that are currently prevalent in Thai societies.

There are many memorable scenes in this story that we will never forget. Without them, the story is incomplete. In most adaptations, it is done exaggeratedly, but in this case, it is more convincing. The scene in which Gorya kicks Thyme was well done, and when Thyme was stabbed, showing that it was his mother, not him, made it more plausible and also demonstrated Thyme's love for his mother. It enabled in removing many unnecessary scenes and moving the story along quickly.

Characters in this story are more developed and have more depth. It's clearer why some characters made certain decisions, which makes them more acceptable.

Gorya, the female lead, has the same character as before. Except for the removal of her confusion, no major changes have occurred. I believe you understand what I mean. In the majority of the other adaptations, she is unsure how she feels about the F4 members. She is frequently torn between her feelings for the male lead and her feelings for the second male lead. In this adaptation, however, she is certain of her feelings and fights for them. In this adaptation, she has a very strong and mature character, which I am very pleased with.

The male lead, Thyme's character, has undergone the most transformations. He has been fully developed as a character. It is made perfectly clear in this adaptation, why he is forced lớn be a bully, why he is forced lớn be the way he is. It is clearly shown that he has a very complex personality and that he is not a bad person. He beats people lớn conceal his vulnerable side, which he never showed lớn anyone else. He wants his mother lớn love him, which is why he does these thing: lớn prove that he is deserving of fulfilling her dream.

Ren's character, the second male lead, frequently leaves the audience wondering whether he likes the female lead or not. In the other adaptations, it is unclear what his emotions are. But, in this case, we get the impression that, despite accompanying Gorya through difficult times, he simply has a brotherly or friendly affection for Gorya. He is aware of Gorya's feelings for Thyme, and he is the one who brings it lớn Gorya's attention. He wholeheartedly supports Thyme's relationship with her.

I don't think there have been any significant changes for Kavin and MJ. Also their screen time is less kêu ca that of the other characters. However, both of their stories were told successfully without becoming overdramatic, as in the Chinese version. Kavin and Kanning's love is depicted strongly, but I didn't get the impression lượt thích he was playing with her emotions in this version. MJ's love story has taken a new turn. It appears at the over of all episodes, beginning with Episode 9, in the size of a KFC advertisement.

Thyme's mother's character in this version is the best. While, in most other adaptations, she is portrayed as a ruthless tyrant who doesn't care about her children and only cares about business, in this she has been portrayed as an evil businesswoman yet as a mother who loves her children but don't know how lớn express her feelings. He wants Thyme lớn be happy in cruel business world, which is why she puts pressure on him lớn be the way he is.

The majority of the supporting characters, despite their insignificance, had rich backstories that didn't feel uninteresting or unnecessary. However, the time was also very well managed in this case. This really wowed bầm.

On an overall basis, all of the cast members did an excellent job of bringing the characters lớn life. Bright was competent, but his acting was occasionally unconvincing. I believe he could have done a better job if he had become more expressive. He's a good actor, but he needs lớn improve his acting abilities. Tu and Dew both did an excellent job portraying their characters despite the fact that this was their debut. I hope lớn see them on more projects in the future. Win and Nani also did their best with the limited screen time they were given. I'm impressed by the acting and chemistry among the main cast members. The chemistry between them was incredible, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Cindy, on the other hand, is the best of the best. She did an excellent job as Roselyn. Even though I dislike her character, I can't deny her incredible acting skills, which allowed her lớn play an evil mother convincingly.
This is the only adaptation that managed the equality in looks of the leads. all were eye candies lớn watch!

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Finally, this is the best Hana Yori Dango adaptation I've seen so sánh far. Anyone who enjoys this should watch the Thai version. Also, if you needs some eye candies, come watch this. Indeed, this is a highly recommended drama.

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