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"Sasuke Retsuden: The Ring" (サスケ烈伝・指輪, Sasuke Retsuden・Yubiwa) is episode 286 of the Boruto: Na-ru-to Next Generations anime.

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Sasuke fights his way back to tát the institute against the flying dinosaurs with Menō's help. He notices the Titan's emergence, and recalling that Zansūru brought up Sasuke having an ally, Sasuke realises Jiji is Zansūru's accomplice, the only other person who knew he wasn't working alone. Zansūru thinks the Prime Minister will be pleased by the assets. Sasuke has Menō evacuate the prisoners while he goes after Sakura. He grows agitated when he can't sense her chakra. Sakura wakes up pinned, can't mould chakra because of the poison, and passes out. She wakes up to tát Sasuke tending her wound. She apologises for not stopping Jiji, but he tells her not to tát worry. She prepared a serum against the poison beforehand. Zansūru joins up with Jiji, who hands him the polar particles. Zansūru wants to tát kill all the inmates before joining the minister to tát suppress Nanara's rebellion. Jiji tells him not to tát renege on his promise. Zansūru has Jiji target Ganno, but Menō stops the dinosaur attacking him. They're surprised by it, and deduce Sasuke took control of Menō. Sasuke and Sakura arrive, ví Zansūru changes the dinosaur's focus to tát them. Sakura breaks the ground around the dinosaurs. Zansūru sends Jiji after her. Sasuke makes the flying dinosaurs crash against each other with Chidori Senbon. Menō climbs the Titan to tát attack Zansūru, who narrowly escapes, being picked up by a flying dinosaur. Sasuke continues attacking the dinosaurs with his sword, Fire Release, and Chidori. Sasuke receives a message by a hawk, and shares that the minister has been imprisoned by king Nanara. Zansūru decides to tát keep fighting in the minister's name, as he can still grow his dinosaur army while in possession of the polar particles. Sakura helps more prisoners evacuate, but is chased by Jiji. He blocks her escape with an Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall. Sakura becomes paralysed as a side effect of the serum, but Jiji gets likewise caught in a trap she lured him into. Sasuke lures the Titan into the lake, where it struggles to tát move. Sasuke switches places with a flying dinosaur, getting close to tát Zansūru, who commands the one carrying him to tát flee. It drops him instead, crashing down into the ground, dead. Sasuke switches with another dinosaur on the ground. Zansūru commanding the dinosaurs despite not being in control of them meant new orders replaced the old ones. Sasuke retrieves the polar particles, and he and Menō get back to tát Sasuke. He asks what Jiji's goal was. Sakura releases her trap, and Sasuke intends to tát hand Jiji over to tát the Land of Redaku. Jiji reveals he was a missing-nin from Suna, and joined the minister when asked to tát create a private army. He fell in love with his attendant Margo, turning away from war. However, while he was in a mission, Margo died in an epidemic, and he was approached with an offer. If he revived the dinosaurs, the country would release her corpse from him to tát resurrect. Sakura admits she might try the same in his situation, but her friends would stop her, and she doesn't believe their deceased loved ones would approve. Sasuke reveals Jiji was deceived, as Margo is mentioned as cooperating with king Nanara. Jiji cries in joy and relief, and releases the reincarnation ninjutsu, all the dinosaurs turning into dust. Sasuke bids Menō farewell. One of the dinosaurs attacks Sakura as it disappears, but Jiji protects her, getting bitten. Sakura tries healing him, feeling he has to tát go see Margo, but he doesn't think he deserves it. Later, Na-ru-to has recovered in Konoha, and asks about how Redaku is doing to tát Kakashi. He updates him that Nanara is officially king now. Sakura catches up with Ino, who notes her ring. Sakura recalls how Sasuke found her in the debris because of the ring. Nanara visits the ruins of the institute, and intends to tát rebuild it with Margo and Jiji's help. Still away in a mission, Sasuke and Sakura both miss each other, but are not worried.


SasukeNoriaki Sugiyama杉山 紀彰Sugiyama Noriaki
SakuraChie Nakamura中村 千絵Nakamura Chie
NarutoJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi Junko
InoRyoka Yuzuki柚木 涼香Yuzuki Ryōka
KakashiKazuhiko Inoue井上 和彦Inoue Kazuhiko
ZansūruHiroki Tochi東地 宏樹Tōchi Hiroki
JijiTakeshi Kusao草尾 毅Kusao Takeshi
MargoKumi Takaragi宝木 久美Takaragi Kumi
Prince NanaraJuri Nagatsuma長妻 樹里Nagatsuma Juri
GannoKenichi Ono小野 健一Ono Ken'ichi
PrisonersHirokazu Sekido
Katsunori Okai
Kosuke Katayama
Kazuya Saji
Ryo Nishitani
関戸 博一
岡井 カツノリ
片山 公輔
佐治 和也
西谷 亮
Sekido Hirokazu
Okai Katsunori
Katayama Kōsuke
Saji Kazuya
Nishitani Ryō