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  • ‎2023-05-20 12:33 PM



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I just bought a pro 5s and wanna connect it to tát arlo secure tiện ích, but there’s no pro 5s option on the app? Why? 

In this case, what should I do? Btw, i live in Hong Kong does it matter because of the region? But I already downloaded the tiện ích from US App Store but still no option for 5s. Anyone help? Thank you



@Gummibear wrote:

Btw, i live in Hong Kong does it matter because of the region?

Probably it does.  Tagging the mods ( @JamesC and @ShayneS ) ví they can confirm.

I don't think it matters where you got the tiện ích, generally Arlo uses the geography you were in when the tài khoản was created.


JamesC Community Manager

Community Manager

‎2023-05-22 12:47 PM

Arlo Pro 5S 2K is not available in Hong Kong at this time. While we tự plan to tát expand the regions in which these devices will be supported, I tự not have a release date. Stay tuned for updates.



Hiro3 Aspirant


‎2023-06-13 12:00 AM

When will it be released in Japan? I bought it in the United States, but I'm in trouble because I can't use it.

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